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Custom Wood Furniture

All our furniture is made to order in the United States, using a variety of finely imported woods including ash, birch, alder, maple, cherry, walnut, and red oak. The uniquely crafted furniture is handmade by experts with over 20 years of experience. We offer full support in transforming your vision into reality. Choose the dimensions and tailor your furniture to fit your home or office. Each piece serves as the pinnacle of superior craftsmanship. Designed with you in mind, our workers define the meaning of aesthetically pleasing creations. With excellent customer service and a relentless attention to detail, we work with you to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.   

Antique Reproduction

All of the antique reproduction furniture sold here is handmade by skilled craftsmen from fine hardwoods. The main goal is to reproduce original timeless antiques and restore the functionality of a piece, allowing it to be enjoyed for lifetimes to come. Crafted in a dedicated facility that specializes in the refinishing, repairing and restoration of antiques. From light manageable concepts to  the most appealing designs, this investment is sure to last. Enjoy the same beauty as an original at a fraction of the cost. Our antique reproductions are sure to add intrinsic beauty to the design of your home or office.

General Carpentry

Our carpentry work has been recognized by the city of Los Angeles, mainly for projects using wood, wood-substitutes, or other material such as drywall, plaster, steel, copper or tiles. General carpenters may construct,  install, maintain or repair various structures and be responsible for framing and forming or finishing cabinets, doors, stairs and other major wooden structures. Implement custom designs into your home or office. Our shine really comes through our attention to detail,  we have the traditional skills needed to complete the job to an exceptionally high standard, therefore the quality is second to none when it comes to our craftsmenship.

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